Online marketing is far from a perfect science. Helping customers generate and track leads is often an area of ambiguity when small business owners interview media companies to help define goals and roi. One of the key differences that we are able to offer our clients is full transparency. We are able to accomplish this by utilizing a full spectrum of tools to help our clients manage their ad spending and lead generation results. We set up tools to monitor traffic (Google Analytics or Statscounter) are both good options. We create custom forms to capture online inquiries that are both mobile friendly and easy to navigate. We also use call tracking from Hosted Numbers, which offers a bevy of online options for call tracking including recording customer phone calls, tracking all phone calls, length of time customers are on the phone, what areas customers are calling from etc. The ability to listen to you customer phone calls (there is a whisper prompt to make sure that anyone who calls is aware of the call) is a great tool for all small business owners.

The amount of information you can gain by listening to how your phone calls are answered, your level of responsiveness in handling both customer service issues and potential sales inquiries is very important towards finding areas of improvement for your organization. For online marketing this data is pure gold, we can correlate visitors to conversions to better understand what messages are working and what keywords are bringing you the right types of customers to ensure that we are helping you achieve your goals and manage your marketing budget as effectively as possible.

Our team works hard to create the right strategy to help you achieve your marketing goals. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we are constantly monitoring our results with a focus on constant improvement. You can learn more about lead generation and online marketing by contacting us today for a free evaluation.

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