As a small business owner, if you have a website – that’s not enough to get discovered online. Sure, social media outlets such as Facebook and Google+ are nice, but your website is the “mothership”. Optimization can be applied to your website and even social media properties connected with your business.

At the base of this are keywords, the things that people are typing in to find companies and answers. Keyword research can allow anyone to see real numbers behind those keywords, such as how many times a month it’s searched for and how much competition you would have to go up against.

Keywords For Google Search

I’ve put together a little infographic for you to demonstrate this so you can see how getting ranked for a local keyword is much more viable than chasing something big. You’ll also see just how targeted it is and realize that although the search volumes are lower, they aren’t all that bad…and that’s just with one keyword, because you can target other ones related to your niche as well.

Why should this matter to you? because those are your future customers behind those keywords, and positioning is everything.
Get ranked for a couple of good keywords in 1st position in a search engine and you’re going to get that traffic. Get ranked for a keyword that is local to your business and targeted to what your business does, and you’re going to get leads. Tell people why they should absolutely do business with you, and you’re going to get customers.

But just in case you were asking yourself “can this be done for my business”, I wanted to show you that the answer is yes!
First of all, a generic keyword is going to be searched by people from all over the country and globally as well. A targeted keyword that has your town or city in it, well that’s obvious that it’s being searched by people in your community. Couple that with your industry, and it’s even clearer now that there are folks in your area who are looking for what your business offers.

Because there are only going to be so many businesses in your industry in your state, the competition is much lower. You’re not competing against the nation, you’re competing against similar businesses in your territory. Because the population of your state is lower than the national population collectively, of course the searches are going to be lower. However, many businesses will realize that it’s just enough to get new clients every month.

With local based keywords, there are fewer websites and web pages to have to climb past to get to the top of search. This is why it’s the perfect time for any small business to get found online.

An SEO company can get your website and social channels ranked well so that they can actually be found in search. We look at metrics, data, competition analysis, compile lists of related keywords and then go to work. We do this by auditing your site, making critical decisions on how to optimize it and then put those decisions into action. After this is done, off site promotion can begin. Backlinks can be gained, press releases can be written and submitted and ongoing work that gets you real links to your site. Put that together with social marketing services that we offer, and it’s a powerhouse.

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