In the marketing world content is king, it always will be. My first hand experience has shown this to be very true. Once upon a time my content was lacking on my AF sites (affiliate marketing sites) and my niche sites. I struggled with online marketing. I was putting in the time and effort but the sales were lacking. My content I thought was good, it was not. It took a hard look at the content I was producing or hiring others to do for me. In an attempt to save money I outsourced content creation over seas to India. Big mistake. While my Indian writers has decent enough grammar the tone, focus and over all feel of the content was wrong. The delivery failed. Even the headlines were a mess.


Things began to change for me when I began to make videos and pod casts for my website. I began to make humorous pictures and hired out a concept artist for some niche artwork for my website. I reached out to other blogs and websites in related niches and started to accept guest posts as well as guest posting elsewhere. Over the coming weeks my traffic surged as my quality of content slowly began to improve. Sales that were slow picked up pace. Before I knew it I was making decent income.

Now I could have sat with it and used my income to live on saving only 20 or 30% to grow the business. I would not be where I am today had I done so. I invested back 25% into content and 30% more back into the business such as advertising, better hosting packages and more. This amounted to 55% of what I took in being dumped back into the business. You get out of online marketing what you put into it point blank. It is not easy money for most of us, but we do it because it is in our blood.

Content is unique in the fact you leverage every single piece of content you own in multiple different ways and means to get the highest ROI from each piece. Content that engages people can be utilized on a variety of online platforms to keep buyers engaged with you and your brand. You can create an Infographic for example from content you convert to an Infographic to illustrate data and create a strong call to action. Your videos you can create transcripts of to provide another stream for that content. You can hire a writer to convert your articles into an eBook as well.

The takeaway:

Content is king, you need to spend both time and money on top quality content, and you also need to leverage it to the best possible advantage and make the highest return on investment to succeed in your online marketing. You cannot not should not skimp on your content. Content will not only draw visitors but also increase your sales. If your view giving away content as a waste you do not understand the concept of give a little to get something. Giving away content creates trust and authority online as well as a following if your content is relevant and engaging.

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