Google Penguin has recently updated this month. This update is meant to capture and penalize sites that are using newer ways to spam their sites with anchor texts and links that lead to poor sites. These newer ways include buying these links to be put on their websites or obtaining these links through link networks. Many websites do this in order to manipulate the Google rankings system. These links would help them be able to boost their Google rankings and, in turn, increase their website traffic. For the websites of small businesses, this can either be a good thing or a bad thing.

Sometimes websites do not put these types of links on their websites themselves. Other people have other ways of posting such links on other websites in the forms of blog comments, forum postings, and many other ways. Webmasters try to get rid of all of this spam and posted links using methods like the Google Disavow Tool. Webmasters who do this also get rewarded by Penguin, which helps to increase the Google rankings of their websites.

If a small business website hasn’t taken action to get rid of links like these, however, then their website will be caught and penalized by Google Penguin. The same goes for the links embedded within the site. This is bad because a lower ranking means less traffic to that small business website. With this new Penguin update and the newer ways of adding links to websites just to increase rankings, websites not caught before this new update may actually get caught now.

There may be websites out there that did not even know about Google Penguin or the problems that the links on their sites were adding. They may start to receive less traffic and may want to know how to recover their website from this sudden penalization. Before they know how to recover, however, they must first know what Google Penguin is as well as its function. Google Penguin is a special Google algorithm made to track down websites who are being spammed by links just to increase their rankings. This is not to be confused with another Google algorithm known as Google Panda. This is an algorithm used to make sure that higher quality sites do not get outranked by lower quality sites. In order to prevent certain websites from working around this rule, Google has created their newer Google algorithm, Penguin.

If a small business website has been badly struck by this new Google Penguin update, then they may be able to help recover their website. They can start by using the Google Disavow Links Tool. This tool can help them get rid of the links that have caused their penalization. With enough monitoring of links being put on a small business website that has been penalized, that website may end up getting rewarded by Penguin with higher rankings.

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