The Impact On Google Ranking For Mobile Friendly Websites

Keeping up with with all of the nuances associated with Google’s ranking system can be quite tricky. However, staying updated is a must and knowing what changes are coming will impact your website significantly. One of the latest additions to Google’s algorithms is the implementation of potential boosts in rank for websites that are mobile friendly. This latest modification does make sense and serves a good purpose for many reasons. If your website is not up to speed with the latest responsive web designs and technology, you should definitely start making the transition to a mobile friendly site, and here are a few reasons why.

Going Mobile
In the past few years, mobile browsing has become increasingly popular and accounts for roughly 15% of all internet traffic. Smartphones and other mobile devices are a quick and easy way for consumers to get more information about products or services online. To support the recent changes in Google’s ranking algorithm, statistics show that almost 60% of people who have smartphones will not recommend doing business online with website that are not responsive or compatible with mobile devices. Therefore, not only is it a good idea to make sure your website is mobile friendly to avoid issues with Google ranking, but it is needed to stay current with the latest consumer trends.

Search Engine Optimization
Getting your website ranked higher among major search engines can be a very complicated task, especially if you are new to the world of internet marketing and SEO. With so many elements that go into determining how well your site ranks, not following search engine guidelines can be detrimental and result in losing so much potential traffic. Ease of use, access and navigation have always been a major factor in SEO. Making sure the content has a logical flow and pattern for easy navigation is very important, and is even more important on mobile devices. Response time has also played a significant role, as user tend to stray away from slow sites, and choosing a mobile responsive design that does not require large amounts of data will run much faster. Optimizing your website for peak performance, as well as, user friendliness is nothing new and if your site supports mobile browsing, you are one step ahead of the game.

Predicting the potential outcome in not having a website that is fit for mobile device users can be hard to assess. As mentioned, it is best to start making the transition in an effort to avoid potential penalties in your site rank. Most important, the new update will give your website rank a boost just for being mobile friendly, so it is only to your benefit.

You can check to see if you have a Mobile Friendly Website, using this free tool from Google: Google Mobile Friendly Test.

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