The News Of A Change In The Google Algorithm Was First Posted on 9-25 by Pierre Far The Google Panda Algorithm Has Updated Again

The latest update of the Panda algorithm has caused a major shift for millions of websites, most of which would be described as medium to larger in size and scope. In general the Panda algorithm does not impact small business owners and is generally designed to help small business owners get a bump in impressions and traffic. Panda was brought to market by Google as a way to help reward good content and identify websites that are using low quality, auto generated or content that is not deemed as beneficial to the searching audience.

For small business owners the impact of Panda is most likely negligible at best, most experts are anticipating another major algorithm update by Google in 2014, the Penguin updated, which is much more likely to have a larger impact on the small business community. The first penguin update occurred in April of 2012 and was aimed at business owners who were aggressively pursuing links relating to key search terms, often from low quality websites (free directories, bookmarking sites, etc). This update had a dramatic impact on the search landscape and brought a heightened awareness to SEO and linking building, with a new emphasis on quality versus quantity.

The magic formula to rank well on Google will always be changing, but one key constant has remained the same, you need to write great content and update your website on a regular basis to provide a compelling reason to have visitors return on a regular basis. With great content you have a huge advantage over your competition as your content is more likely to be shared on the web, posted and share on social media platforms and create citations for your business, all of which can be beneficially in helping to get your website to rank and retain customers when they visit your website.

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