• Make sure your website is smartphone friendly: The first step to marketing yourself as a personal injury lawyer is to make sure that your website is accessible to smartphone users. More than half of all internet searches are now conducted on smartphones. This means that it is absolutely crucial that your website and any advertisements you run can be viewed not only on computers but on smartphones as well. Most modern websites will be built on a responsive platform, that will adjust the size based on the device, from computers to mobile phones. If you do not take the time to make sure your website is easily accessible for smartphone users, you run the risk of losing 50% of potential customers simply because they could not access your website on their smartphone.

Digital Marketing Strategies that include SEO, PPC and YouTube Marketing are Key Factors for Attorney Marketing in 2020

  • Use advertisement extensions: Whenever you purchase internet advertisements, make sure you spend the extra money to add advertisement extensions. Advertisement extensions are links that are displayed under the large text of your advertisement. They often come in the form of location extensions, sitelinks, or call extensions. Although often overlooked, advertisement extensions can increase the number of people who click on your advertisement by up to 15%. This can translate to thousands of dollars in extra business based on just a single internet advertisement. Advertisement extensions are particularly valuable to personal injury lawyers because they will make your specific advertisement stand out from the hundreds of other personal injury lawyer advertisements, especially as you are working to build up your organic search profile through search engine optimization. Additionally, advertisement extensions will allow your advertisement to take up more space, which pushes competing advertisements farther down the page.
  • Get a high google review score: When someone searches for a personal injury lawyer online, one of the first things that they will see is a list of law firms in their area with the firms’ Google reviews. This score is the average google review out of five stars. If your firm either has a low google review score, very few reviews, or no reviews at all, potential clients will view this very unfavorably. You may spend thousands of dollars on advertisements, but all that money may be wasted if the first impression potential clients get from your law firm is that it has negative reviews. To make sure you have a good google review, ask your clients to rate you on google. It may make sense to give them a small discount if they rate you with a five-star review. Although you may make less money from that particular client, the high google review score will attract new clients, which will increase your profits. 
  • Test out call-only advertisements: Call-only advertisements are a new alternative to traditional online advertisements. These advertisements feature a phone number alongside a description of your services as a personal injury lawyer. If a potential client clicks on the advertisement, they will immediately be prompted with a message that asks them if they want to call the phone number. Call-only advertisements are great because they create many more phone calls directly to your law firm. Once you have them on the phone, you can make your sales pitch much better than an online advertisement can. 
  • Use online retargeting services: For an additional fee, you can add retargeting services to your internet advertisement. Retargeting services push your advertisement to potential clients that have already clicked on your advertisement at least once. Without retargeting services, you may be spending money targeting people who will never actually click on your advertisement. By using retargeting services, you can make sure that the money you spend on advertisements will target potential clients who are most likely to actually hire you to represent them as a personal injury lawyer. 


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