When it comes to Facebook merely posting is not enough. Many clients ask me when is the right time to post to Facebook? It’s an age-old question dating back to the date marketers first started to make Facebook pages to promote their brands, services or products.

I had one client who had been posting to Facebook like 5 times per day, which was way to much. Especially given the quality of his posts. With Facebook much like Reddit, the quality of the post matters the most. If you focus on quantity you are going to alienate your followers. Guess what no one wants to read 5 posts per day about your business unless perhaps your in the entrainment business and your posts are truly engaging. Focus on quality posts rather than how many posts you can pump out. There is no minimum number of Facebook posts needed as the goal of posting is to draw interest in your products and brand awareness.

Now that we know quality matters more than mere quantity we need to get the most bang for our posts as we can. Did you know that the days on which you post and even the time that you post can have a reaction from your viewers? Engagement rates, or days when viewers view and act on posts the most on Facebook are higher on Thursdays and Fridays than any other day of the week. Those two days of the week will net you the most bang for your posts. The next best day believe it or not is Mondays, due mostly I believe to the Monday blues. No one wants to be in work after the weekend, people log on at work and at school.


The time of the day that you post also matters greatly. For most content the following rule applies: Posts by 1 PM will net you the most shares socially, posts by 3 PM to get you the most clicks and posts generally between 9 AM and 7 PM. Again this also depends on what business you are in and what type of post you are doing. If for example you promote local bands then you could do a post at noon then one more post at say 8 PM reminding your target audience on what time the band is playing, where they are playing and what if any cover they are charging. it all depends on what Niche you are doing.

Lastly did you know that Facebook only shows 5% of your followers your posts? You have to pay for the other 95% of your followers to “see” your posts. The term seeing only means that it shows on their timeline / feed, it does not guarantee that they will even see the post. With that being said you have two options here, you can either pay to play, which in my opinion is a losing proposition as it merely appears in a very off place as compared to where your users focus on when logging in or you can focus on posting something unique and/or interesting once a day. Why the latter? When you post something very interesting people will share that content which is 10x better than paying Facebook for your post to show in a little looked for spot on your target audiences page.

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