SEO optimizing your site is crucial in order to rank for any keyword on the search result. It is only when your website rank on the search result that you start to get visitors. You can save money from hiring a SEO company by optimizing the website yourself.

The basic must do on-site optimizations include adding meta title tag, and meta description. Meta title is the keyword phrase that appear on top of the web browser. Meta description should be an accurate summary of the content you are offering on the webpage. You must give a unique meta title and meta description to every single page on your website.


The title of the page must be emphasized with the H1 tag so that visitors can see them clearly. It will also be better if you use subheadings and numbered lists to outline your points in the content. If you include a picture, make sure to add the alt tag to make it easier for your image to show up in the image search result. The alt tag a floating tooltip description that appear when you hover your mouse above the image.

Long tail keyword should be used for optimizing your website content for SEO. Long tail keyword has more than 3 words and it is more specific compared to broad keywords. Short keywords get a lot of searches but it is incredibly competitive and only authority sites get to rank for them. Most people that search for long tail keywords are looking for something in specific and they tend to show more interests in buying the products.

Long tail keywords bring lesser traffic but these traffic can add up to a decent traffic when you optimize several webpages. There are lots of keyword research tools that you can use for doing research on the keywords including WordStream, Wordtracker and KeywordSpy. Paid keyword tools are better than free keyword tools and you should sign up if you can afford it.

You must not forget to set up an account at Facebook and Twitter to spread word about your products and services. After you have set up the account, you must start to get a lot of followers that are relevant to the niche. In addition, you should also write a short biography and include the complete contact information such as address and telephone in Linkedin. People who are looking to visit your store will usually think of going to Linkedin to find your address and telephone number.

You must constantly update your website with new content so that the search engine will keep coming back to crawl it. Search engines like sites that have lots of activities going on so you should consider incorporating a blog to your company site or online store. You can write the content ahead and schedule them to publish if you don’t have time.


There is no need to write a new post every day but make sure you update your blog at least once a week. It is not necessary to write text in your blog post, for example you can publish photos of your a home design if you are a home interior design company.

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