Many local SEO companies are offering Google My Business listing optimization services for small businesses in the local area. Google My Business (GMB) refers to the search result that shows the local businesses operating in a particular area. It will include a map with red balloons to show the shops located in different places of the local region. It provides information about your business address, closing hour, reviews and directions in going there.

Google My Business used to be known as Google Places or Google Local in the past. GMB listing is vital for small businesses operating in a particular region because many people like to search locally when they are looking for shops that sell the products and services they need. Most of the people that arrive on your site by searching on a broad region are unlikely to be your prospective customers. The advantage of getting your website ranked well in the GMB listing is that it will enable you to get a lot of free traffic from the local search result to your website. These free traffic have high conversion rate as they are customers that are likely to buy.

You have to submit your business information on the Google My Business site in order for it to appear in the local search result. The local SEO company will fill in the correct information and choose the right category for your business at the Google My Business website. If your business has been listed on Google My Business for a long time, you may get a request that ask you to resubmit your business information. The local SEO company can resubmit your site to get it verified again for the Google My Business listing.

If you hire a local SEO company, there will be expert staff managing your GMB listing so that they rank on top of the search result at all time. They are equipped with staff who are knowledgeable in the complex algorithm in Google My Business. They can help you to submit your website to the local directories that are trusted by Google. These directories include authority directories like Yelp as well as other high quality directories. The local SEO company can help you to verify your business for the Google My Business listing.

They can get your customers to leave positive reviews on your GMB listing. Having a lot of positive reviews that offer more than 4 stars rating will allow your website to rank higher than other local businesses in the Google My Business search result. On top of that, the local SEO company can promote your site on the Google Plus One social media site. Google has put priority on Google Plus Ones over other social media sites. They will also promote your site on social media sites increase the ranking of your website in the search result.

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