There are several factors that Google take into account when ranking a website. No one knows exactly what factors are being used for ranking a website but you can try various SEO tips to get your website rankings moving up in Google in 2017. The following are 3 tips on how you can get your website ranked in 2017.

1. Keyword Optimization for Every Webpage

Optimizing your webpage with the right keyword is important if you want people to easily find your website on the search engine. You should invest in a good keyword research tool to look for keywords with high conversion rate. It is best to look for long tail keywords with 4 or more words as these words have lower competitions. Most of the short tail keywords are reserved for authority websites only so new websites that want to rank on the search engine should be optimized with long tail keywords. The keyword should be something that your prospective customer is looking for. Keywords should be mentioned in the content, content title and meta tag. You should also blend in your keyword into the anchor text of the external link that is pointing to your site.

2. Spying on the Competitors’ Sites

You must spy on your competitors’ websites and find out information such as ranking position in the search engine, number of backlinks, popularity of the sites that link to them, keyword used in the webpage title, and MozRank. You should find out how much traffic your competitor is getting and how much of the traffic is organic or paid. If the traffic is coming from from organic search result, you must find out the keyword that they are ranking for. You can go through your competitors’ websites to find out what type of content you should also include on your website. By spying on your competitors, you will know how to optimize your website and outbeat their search engine ranking.

3. Make Sure Every Post is Long and Detailed with Relevant Content
Typically Google’s search engine likes to rank pages that have long and detailed content. You should try to make your post long and cover as many information as possible. Most of the authority sites that rank on the first page of the search result have long post. For example, Wikipedia comes up on almost every keyword that you enter into the search box because almost every entry in Wikipedia offers thousands of words of high quality content that is rich with information. The ideal length of the blog post in 2016 should be at least 2,500 words. If you cannot come up with any idea on producing the in depth content, you can visit your competitor’s site and take some of their ideas.

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